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   Read Around the World With Chopper! 

Read-a-thon: North Springfield Elementary School's Annual Fundraiser
Our goal is to help NSES raise $25,000 during the Read-a-thon from October 21-31, 2016.

Want to make a quick donation?  Use the DONATE link above!  
Just remember to add in the child's name that you are sponsoring.

10% of the proceeds go directly towards supplying our reading room with new books! 
The remaining funds raised go toward school wish list items, such as 
funding buses for field trips, in-school assemblies, and more.

More Information (These flyers were sent home with students on 10/20/2016):

Updates as of 10/28/2016:

We have raised: $10,713

We have read a total of 50,270 minutes.

Grade Level earnings:

PK: $160

K:      $2,488

2nd:  $2,202

1st:   $2,124

4th:   $1,370

3rd:   $1,220

5th:   $1,209

Today's winner: The Photo Booth Party Goes to Ms. Andrews-Pastor's class

Top Classes:

Nealon: $908

Condit: $814

Andrews-Pastor: $781

Top Readers:

Joseph Schneberger 

Shanzay Shiraz

Athan Phoung

Melanie Lam

The weekend challenge: PE teacher for the day! The 1 boy and the 1 girl that raises the most money over the weekend will get to be PE teacher for as day!

Updates as of 10/27/2016:

  • This flyer went home today with students.
    Money raised so far, by grade:
  •      PK- $160.00
         K- $2,185.85
         1st- $1,624
         2nd- $1,786.66
         3rd- $1,030.88
         4th- $787.54
         5th- $864.35
The following email was sent today:
So far we have raised a grand total of: $8,976.  As a school, we have read 36,410 minutes!
The winning class last night was Ms. Thibodeaux class.  They won Ms. Metz to teach while the teacher takes a break.
Tonight's Challenge:  The class who raises the most money tonight will win a Photo Booth Party!
By the numbers:
Ms. Nealon class is in the lead with $885
Kindergarten has raised the most money so far with $2,185
We have a ways to go before we reach our goal of $25,000!  Help us fund our kids' busses for fieldtrips, finance in school assemblies, and buy news books for our reading room!  These are some of the areas the funds will be used.
You can send pledges to the school even if you didn’t enter the pledge online.  Make sure all payments sent to the school are marked with your child’s name and their teacher’s name. 
Unidentified Sponsors:  If your child is missing a donation made to their account, please email me at NSESPTA@thtcpa.net  with the name of the missing sponsors.  We have a few sponsors who are not linked to a child.
Keep Reading and Getting Sponsors!

Renate Thompson

Updates as of 10/26/2016:
  • The class with most hours read tonight gets Ms. Metz to come into their class for 30 minutes while their teacher gets a break.
  • If you are experiencing issues with the website, please contact Whooo's Reading at info@whooosreading.org  or call (619) 230-5144 
The following email was sent out today:

Today’s results are as follows:

* Mrs. Cox's Class won the snow cone party for most amount of money collected yesterday. 

* As a school, we have read 26,641 minutes

* So far we have raised $6,730

3 top classes in the lead for most funds: 

Nealon with $751

Horton with $678

Cox with $602

Tonight's incentive: The class with the most minutes read gets Ms. Metz as a teacher for 30 minutes, while their regular teacher gets a break.

Many companies offer matching programs. Sponsors interested in doubling their donations via corporate matching programs should directly designate the funds for North Springfield Elementary School PTA rather than for Whooo's Reading.

To match your Whooo's Reading donation with corporate funds:

·      Once you've fulfilled your donation, find an email from Whooo's Reading in your inbox with the subject line "Double your donation to North Springfield Elementary School through corporate matching!" You may have to check your spam folder.

·      Click the Double your donation's impact button in the body of the email.

·      Use the Organization Information, Address, and Tax ID on the right side of the page to complete your company's gift matching paperwork.

·      Click the View Receipt button at the bottom of the page for a printable receipt referencing your donation.

Additional information can be found our website at www.nsespta.org/readIf you are having technical problems with the website please contact Whooo’s Reading support at support@whooosreading.org or 619-568-6724. Note that their hours are 8:00 am - 6:00pm Pacific Time.

Keep Reading and Getting Sponsors!

Renate Thompson


Updates as of 10/25/2016:

  • Ms. Nealon's class is in the lead so far ($599), but Ms. Horton ($585) and Ms. Guise ($505) aren't far behind! Who will win the pizza party announced on November 1st?
  • Who will win the snow cone party? Get those pledge in tonight! Winner announced tomorrow (10/26)
  • Prizes update: Keychains broke--we had to order a new prize for logging into your account. Look for Globe balls on Thursday! 
  • So far Andrew Liu in Ms. Margol's class is the top reader with 487 minutes. Athan Phoung and Lily Gonsalves aren't far behind!
The following email went out today from the PTA:
Dear Parents,

We are several days into our annual school fundraiser and many students have not logged into their accounts to invite sponsors.  If you need your child's login information please respond to this email with your child's name and their teacher name.  Once you are logged into your child's account, follow the directions below.
  • Click on Invite Sponsors at the top middle of the page
  • Enter your email address and click Send!
  • Look for an email in your inbox with the subject line "Authorize [Child's Name]'s reading account". You might have to check your spam folder.
  • Click the blue Learn More & Authorize Account button. A page will open in your browser.
  • Verify you are the parent/guardian by selecting your child's teacher.
  • Enter your first and last name.
  • Review our terms and conditions.
  • Check the box at the bottom to accept our terms and conditions.
  • Click Authorize Account.
  • If your child is participating in a fundraiser, you will be taken to the donation page where you can sponsor your child and invite friends and family to become sponsors. Check your email to access your child's reading profile or your parent center.

Tonight's challenge is the class with the most amount of money pledged TONIGHT will win a snow cone party.  Previous class winners were Mrs. Guises's class won extra P.E. and Mrs. Mallon's class won a popcorn party. 

Click here http://tinyurl.com/money-raised to see the money we raised so far.

                  Whooo's Reading?  Students, watch this video:

Teachers, here is your video:

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