North Springfield Elementary PTA is proud to offer opportunities for teachers and staff to particpate in our mini-grant program every school year (fall and spring). The NSES PTA hopes to nurture creativity, enthusiam, and outstanding teaching by funding proposals that would not be funded otherwise. Our program is funded through PTA general revenue as a means to support both teachers, classrooms and families. Applications are considered and awarded on the basis of creativity, universality, and education benefit. All funds are to be spent within the current application year.

The Grant Committee is generally composed North Springfield Administration, PTA Executive Board.

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Why Offer Grants?

  1. It's a great way to quantify fundraising efforts and even drive greater results

  2. Builds teacher morale

  3. Funds things that may not able to be funded otherwise for North Springfield Elementary.

  4. Encourages teachers and staff to "think outside the box" and explore different methods of teaching in the classroom.

What kind of items do PTAs get grants for??? Where is the gap? What can your parent group do to fix it?

● age-appropriate playground equipment

● landscaping, nature trails, water gardens, wildflower gardens (focus on wildflowers of your state)

● math and science workstations

● computer equipment (upgrade, repair, and software purchases)

● support for an early learning center (for supplemental items not paid for by federal grants to the district)

● athletic equipment and uniforms, band equipment and uniforms

● related arts programs and many others.

What is the decision process?

• What do you want to do

• How are you are going to do it

• Who you hope to serve

• What you hope to accomplish

• How you will spend the money

• How you will give a final report of the grant

Other Grant Resources

  1. National PTA Grants

  2. STEM and Families Tech Grants sponsored by Microsoft, Chrysler and Google.

  3. Mary Lou Anderson Grants

  4. Grant Station: yearly fee (discount through

  5. – A searchable and comprehensive grants directory of funding opportunities by topic. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to access this website often for funding ideas.

  6. – Site requires that teachers register for an account, through which private investors can make donations to classroom projects. Many teachers report great success with this process.

  7. Foundation Center – Subscription site that offers limited search capabilities to visitors. However, the Main Branch of the Greenville County Library offers this service in the 2nd floor reference department. Comprehensive listing of national and international corporate and private foundations.

  8. – Website dedicated to announcing upcoming corporate, federal, and foundational grants specifically for educational needs.

  9. – Grant database searchable by keyword, category, or agency.

  10. U.S. Department of Education – Links to federal grant competitions.

  11. S.C. Department of Education – Links to state and federal competitions.

  12. Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation is a community program giving away $5 million in grants aimed specifically at parent groups.

  13. Foundation Giving Trends is a book updated yearly that lists the largest foundations in the United States and the types of causes they commonly fund. It's published and sold by the Foundation Center. The Foundation Directory Online, also from the Foundation Center, is a subscription service that provides frequently updated information on 80,000 grantmakers.

  14. Quinlan Publishing offers several biweekly publications of interest to schools seeking grants, including "Grants for K-12 Hotline." The publications include current information on corporate grants, with descriptions of the application process.

What are other PTAs doing?

  1. “Budget funds for ‘Teacher Projects’ each year- teachers vote on which projects will get funded. Projects are presented at a staff meeting and then the teachers rank them in order. This allows PTA to fund things the teachers want/need.” - AJ Whittenburg

  2. “Distribute mini-grants to teachers after Fall fundraiser. All teachers are invited to submit grant requests, and the entire board reviews the applications and submits a recommendation to the general membership for approval.” - Stone Academy

  3. “Apply for grants to help support PTA programs. This year, we were awarded a National PTA grant that was used to fund parent training, and one of our parents applied for a community grant to help with our school garden.” - Stone Academy

2020-21 Grant Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the award recipients of the North Springfield Elementary PTA grant program for spring 2021. The funding is made possible by donors like you and in collaboration with school administration. Because of your generosity, our grant recipients will be able to support their classrooms and school communities. Congratulations!