Any North Springfield Elementary School PTA member in good standing is eligible to apply. Nominations and elections are held annually between April-June. Term begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Jen Delboy

Jen has a rising 4th grader and outgoing 5th grader at NSES.

The President serves a one (1) year term as present; Chair board and general meetings; Oversee fiscal compliance; Serve as a liaison with school administration or community partners; Check in regularly with officers and committees to ensure the overall plan is on target; Identify challenges and invite solutions; Familiarize with all PTA programs and resources; Represent PTA to the community; Recruit and mentor volunteers and future leaders; Volunteer at events.

Lauren Thorne


Lauren has a rising 1st grader and 2nd grader at NSES.

The President-Elect Serves a term of two (2) years, one as president-elect, after which he or she shall succeed to the office of president; Serve as a member of the finance committee; Perform the duties of the office of the president in the president’s absence or when the president is unable to perform these duties; Support the president in moving the organization to achieve outcomes defined by the strategic plan; Undertake the necessary leadership development to fulfill the role of president; Represent the association before constituent bodies and other associations, as assigned; Perform all other duties listed under members of the board of directors.

Katelyn Amraen


Katelyn has a rising 1st grader at NSES.

The Secretary serves a term of one (1) year; attend all PTA monthly meetings (executive session and general session); record all meeting minutes; confirm local unit bylaws and amendments are updated; responsible for maintaining all PTA document repository and permanent records; taking attendance and checking for quorum (minimum of 10 PTA members who must be present to conduct business at a meeting) during voting; and present draft minutes to membership and solicit approval every month; participate in PTA school-wide events as necessary.

Caryn Chmielewski

VP of Enrichment

Caryn has a rising 1st grader at NSES.

The VP of Enrichment serves a one (1) year term as vice president of enrichment; Makes room reservations for PTA events and after school programs; Recruits chairs for each of the program committees; and provides support for program and their volunteers throughout the year. Programs include: After School Programs, Art Docent/Art Night, Back to School Supplies, Disaster Preparedness, Library, Book Fairs, Math Olympiad, Playground Volunteers, Reflections, School Play, Beaver-Thon, Fifth Grade Field Trip and Promotion Party; and Community Service.

Dan Delboy

VP of Membership

Dan has a rising 4th grader and outgoing 5th grader.

The VP of Membership serves a term of one (1) year as vice president for membership; Develop, implement and coordinate an annual membership initiative focused on recruitment, retention and diversification.

Bobbi Grady

VP of Fundraising

Bobbi has a rising 1st grader at NSES.

The VP of Fundraising serves a term of one (1) year as vice president of fundraising. Works with school volunteers, parents, students, staff and community members to oversee all fundraising activities for the PTA. Fundraisers may include large events like walk-a-thons, auctions and book fairs as well as ongoing efforts like BoxTops for Education, Receipt programs and others; Attend monthly board meetings and be an active member of the PTA; Develop and manage a sponsorship and procurement team and work closely with school administration to plan key fundraising dates; Delegate appropriate duties to volunteers and oversee all volunteer training; Motivate others with a strong sense of the fundraising goals and timeline.

Tiffany Han


Tiffany has a rising Kindergartener at NSES.

The Treasurer serves a term of one (1) year as treasurer; Keep accurate records and submit written financial statements for meetings; Ensure an audit, financial review or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws; Prepare an annual report to be used to review your PTA financial records; File 990 report to the IRS on time—if your unit is a 501(c)(3); Submit state-level reports and filings; Oversee proper handling of money, such as ensuring money is collected, counted, recorded and deposited promptly and appropriately; Ensure financial checks and balances are in place at all times.