Grant Program

North Springfield Elementary PTA is proud to offer opportunities for teachers and staff to particpate in our mini-grant program every school year (fall and spring).  The NSES PTA hopes to nurture creativity, enthusiam, and outstanding teaching by funding proposals that would not be funded otherwise.  Our program is funded through PTA general revenue as a means to support both teachers, classrooms and families.   Applications are considered and awarded on the basis of creativity, universality, and education benefit.   All funds are to be spent within the current application year.   

The Grant Committee is generally composed North Springfield Administration, PTA Executive Board.   

Typically we offer two grant "seasons" and open applications once in the fall, and once in the Spring.   Be on the look out here, or always feel free to reach out to us at with any questions!

Why Offer Grants? 

What kind of items do PTAs get grants for??? Where is the gap? What can your parent group do to fix it? 

● age-appropriate playground equipment 

● landscaping, nature trails, water gardens, wildflower gardens (focus on wildflowers of your state) 

● math and science workstations 

● computer equipment (upgrade, repair, and software purchases) 

● support for an early learning center (for supplemental items not paid for by federal grants to the district) 

● athletic equipment and uniforms, band equipment and uniforms 

● related arts programs and many others. 

What is the decision process? 

What do you want to do 

• How are you are going to do it 

• Who you hope to serve

 • What you hope to accomplish 

• How you will spend the money 

• How you will give a final report of the grant 

Other Grant Resources