Program Policies & Procedures

Enrichment Program Policies for North Springfield Elementary School PTA

By registering your child for a PTA-sponsored enrichment program at North Springfield ES, you and your child agree to abide by the following policies and procedures.

The NSES PTA drafted the following procedures and policies with your student’s safety as our primary concern. Violation of these procedures/policies jeopardizes all enrichment programs. If a parent or guardian finds he or she cannot abide by these procedures, s/he should not register his or her student for an enrichment program.

Registering a student for an enrichment program indicates an agreement to abide by these procedures.

Policies And Procedures

Confirmation: Parents will receive confirmation that their child is enrolled in the enrichment activity, either from the FCPS vendor supporting the enrichment program (ex. STEM excel) or from NSES PTA.

Snack Policy: Snacks will not be provided by the school or enrichment instructors. If you feel that your child will need a snack before their enrichment class, students can utilize the 15 minutes after school and before their class starts to have a snack. Because enrichment classes can be held in various classrooms, and with children from all classes, please refrain from bringing snacks containing peanuts.

Contact Information: All instructors will have copies of each child’s registration with parental contact information available for each class. Instructors will take roll with a registered student roster. This roster is provided by the vendor supporting the enrichment program unless the program is supported internally by a FCPS teacher. In this case the KMES PTA volunteer coordinator will provide a student roster using the information given on the student registration form.

Pick-up or Drop-off: Parents, or the persons authorized by a parent/guardian, shall initial the roll call sheet in order to sign the child out. No child will be allowed to walk to the front of the school or to be picked up in the parking lot. Parents MUST come into the school to the designated program area to pick up their child. Pick-up and drop-off locations will be designated by the program instructor.

At the end of the school day, registered students must report directly to the designated area for the enrichment program. NSES PTA cannot accept responsibility for students who do not report to their assigned enrichment activity. **For SACC Students see the SACC section below.

Instructors will never leave a child unattended after pick-up time and will first contact the parent/guardian from the information on the provided during registration. Repercussions for tardy parents: a. 5 minute grace period will be given: b. After 5 minutes parents agree to pay instructor $1/minute late fee; c. After 15 minutes child may not return to the next class. d. Repeated late pick-ups may mean the dismissal from all future classes with no refund. After one hour, the police will be called and the child given to social services in accordance with Fairfax County guidelines.

Cancellation: In the event of cancellation or early closure due to school closure or inclement weather, all children will be sent home at the regular time. An attempt will be made by the program vendor and the volunteer coordinator to email parent/guardian with children in an enrichment program to notify them that the program has been cancelled that day and that they should expect their children at the regular time. In addition, if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather or county-wide extracurricular cancellations, there are no make-up classes and no refund is given.

Conduct: Students are expected to behave in a manner that respects their instructor and classmates, as well as school property. If the instructor identifies a problem in these areas, the instructor will contact the parent/guardian. If the misbehavior is not corrected, the instructor will notify the parent/guardian and the student will be removed from the program. No refund will be given.

SACC Students: Please notify SACC instructors of the program/s you child will be attending. NSES PTA cannot accept responsibility for students who do not report to the enrichment activity. Student will be taken directly to SACC by their enrichment instructors following class.