Volunteer Recognition

We’re always searching for ways to adequately express gratitude to parent and teacher volunteers whether through special gifts, plaques, or letters. North Springfield Elementary PTA volunteers serve because they want to have a hand in changing the world. They believe our mission will bring about change, and they want to experience it in whatever big or small way they can. Sometimes, in our search for adequate appreciation, we neglect to remember our volunteer’s motives in the first place. We'd like to recognize and thank the individuals listed below who have previously served as PTA officers and continue to serve our community despite their busy schedules, and to express how truly valuable they are. You made a difference.

Amanda Chaiko (Teacher)

Amanda Schlais

Amy Mahoney

Andrea Cholewinski (Teacher)

Andrew Harter

Daniel Delboy

Emely Simone

Erin Henderson

Jen Delboy

Katie Wayne

Kathleen Nealon (Teacher)

Ken Balbuena

Kristy Balbuena

Liz Rogers

Renate Thompson

Rosalie Essimi Menye (Teacher)

Vanessa Robertson